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Electrical service panel labeling

Have you ever tripped a breaker but when you go out to the main service supply none of the breakers are labeled? Did you know that it's a safety issue if your breakers are not properly labeled? The safety concern with improper or no labeling of breakers can be electrocution which can lead to death. If new service has been installed it is likely the electrician has properly labeled the breakers however if there are no labels on an old service panel, one can still label the breakers. One way I have done so in the past is to turn on all the lights, fixtures and outlets and systematically turn off the breaker and make note of what remains on and what turned off. Obviously the items such as switches, outlets and or appliances that stopped working are fed by said breaker. Make a label and place it next to the breaker. It can be a bit time consuming but if you have help it can be a bit faster. Stay safe my friends!

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