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Necessary or not?

A home, like a physical being, has many components that if left without proper inspection could be similar to a physical being whom doesn't visit a doctor. Thats why just like a human visits a doctor when complications arise, an owner has a home inspector visit the house to make sure it is performing at its best! see a home inspection is a safety and function inspection of the property at a given time in its aging process. just like a human visiting a doctor is an assessment at their specific time of life! Sorry, that's the nurse in me, lol.

Did you know that about 80% of all homes demand, ask for, require a home inspection! But you may ask yourself why? Simple answer is that you, we, as consumers want to have an assessment done on the property to lessen the likelihood that our purchase could end up costing us above and beyond the insult of the actual cost of the home. However, an home inspection is not technically exhaustive, meaning I do not tear down walls, disassemble appliances and heating and cooling systems or the like. My job is to make sure that on the day of the inspection any and all defects are brought to your attention to assist you in your decision to buy the home. Now, again, I don't or won't advise you on any potential purchase based on what is or is not found. that remains your job! Hope this helps your understanding of what a home inspector does. Thanks Kris


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